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Evidence-Based Therapy for

Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD


Telehealth is an excellent way to safely and securely address a range of symptoms from the comfort of your home. At this time, I am currently meeting with clients exclusively via telehealth.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Evidence-based therapies are short-term treatments that have been shown to work through rigorous clinical trials and are flexibility applied to fit each client's needs.


I have specialized training in CBT, CPT, PE, and ACT to address OCD, PTSD, and a variety of anxiety disorders. I work with individuals across a range of ages from adolescents to adults.



If you are experiencing symptoms of OCD, PTSD, or anxiety and are interested in addressing them, you have come to the right place. I specialize in utilizing evidence-based treatments to reduce symptoms of a range of anxiety disorders. Typically, I work with clients on a weekly basis for individual therapy, but there are options for more intensive courses of treatment. 


In order to keep everyone safe, therapy services are currently being offered exclusively via telehealth. This allows for an excellent opportunity to address symptoms in the environments in which they occur as well as providing a convenient way to access services. Due to the fact that I am licensed in New Jersey and New York, I am able to provide therapy to anyone residing in either state.



Dr. Infantolino

I received my doctorate in clinical science at the University of Delaware and have received specialized training in treatments for anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. I am licensed in New Jersey and New York.

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